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Isabela Puerto Rico

Jobos beach is one the favorite beach in the island to practice surfing. Also is one of the main attractions of Isabela city. Is a natural show and a privilege to have a beach that fits one of the best surfing and some swimming purposes. It is the surfing the one that steals the show. Many events are celebrated during the year. It is just ideal for surfing all year long, but the very best times are going to be in spring and summer.  Surfing on Jobos beach is for all kind of levels. 

Jobos Beach

The beach does not have any kind of facilities (no lifeguard, bathrooms or showers) please bring a plastic bag for keeping up at it after yourself and try to keep it clean. There is not too much parking area and it gets very crowded during weekends. Some persons living close by to the beach have some fees to charge for parking your car in theirs facilities. There are not that many shadows spots, so bring your umbrella. Some business are close to the beach, restaurants, bars and kiosks for snacks.

Jobos Beach

Locals love this beach, for being natural and pristine. Do not disregard the beach for swimming because it have an area with a natural rock wall that create a protected cove, located in the east side of the beach. This allows calm and steady water, ideal for families to come with their kids and have some fun. The water in Jobos beach is very clear, if you like to do some snorkeling you can do it just be aware of the east side of the beach limits. The water is so clear that is just persuasive to get a splash and discover the underwater surroundings. Our advise is do not go farther than 20 feet off the coast, there strong currents on this area.

Jobos Beach

Actually there is a city development in this area in order to bring more commercial facilities, a parking lot and public facilities. As soon this project is completed we are going to cover all the information related with the benefits for any travel.


Jobos Beach

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Galleria Jobos Beach

Enjoy this wonderful images from Jobos Beach, we are sure that this is going to be on your checklist in places to visit.




Information Jobos Beach


Here you can find all the information that you may need if you are planning a trip to Jobos Beach Beach. Find what the facilities have to offer, services, fees, contact information and more.

Tropical Paradise
Sandy Beach

Operating Hours

It is OPEN 24 Hours, Seven days of the week

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Deserted Beach


Beach Cabins
Beach Showers
Facilities & Things To Do
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