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Culebra, Puerto Rico

Flamenco is the most popular beach on Culebra Puerto Rico, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and probably the best beach in all Puerto Rico. This Beach most of the time is awarded with Blue Flag Beach title ( a prestigious recognition of an exceptional beach). This beach have a big sand shore, now let me advice that there is not too much place to hide from the heat of sun, try to bring your umbrella or rent one (there is always a vendor on the beach offering).

Flamenco Beach

Just very close to the National Park we have the Vacation Center Villas de Añasco. Administrated  by the Puerto Rico National Parks Company.On this vacation center you can reserve to stay in. The facilities count with rentals of 32 cabins and 120 Villas. This Vacation Center have a lot of amenities, from parking, activities room, life guard, pool, showers, playground, gazebos, picnic tables, basketball court and beach volleyball. Also needed to be mention the facilities have easy access to the beach.

Flamenco Beach

This beach count with parking lot, Lifeguards, bathroom facilities, kiosks to snack or eat something.  It counts with a camping area, showers most of the time available after 3:30 pm and changing rooms. Flamenco is a great place to do snorkeling, scuba diving, some parts even surfing is possible, interesting fact (old military tanks on the shore) and a pristine place with great sea life.

Flamenco Beach

Culebra is this place that shows nature at her best, it have a very long walk beach, a lot to see and explore in and out of water. It is definitely a place that you may need to visit, a MOST not only on Puerto Rico but a gem of this world.


Flamenco Beach

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Galleria of Flamenco Beach

Enjoy this wonderful images from Flamenco Beach, we are sure that this is going to be on your checklist in places to visit.




Information about Flamenco Beach


Here you can find all the information that you may need if you are planning a trip to Flamenco Beach. Find what the facilities have to offer, services, fees, contact information and more.

Tropical Paradise
Sandy Beach

Operating Hours

  • Open any day (Public Beach)

             Monday to Friday from 6:00am - 6:00pm

Be sure to arrive early on holidays!

Truck on Beach
Deserted Beach

Waliking entrance is FREE. Fees comes with parking a vehicle

  • Vehicles                       $5.00     

  • Camping Area     $30.00 per night

Admission for the Camping Area are establish per night, camping area does not count with electricity or water so be prepare to bring everything that you may need. For camping reservation call the # in the contact information

Beach Cabins
Beach Showers
Facilities & Things To Do
Facilities Cerro Gordo.png
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