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Vega Alta, Puerto Rico

The Balneario Javier Calderon, better known has the Balneario of Cerro Gordo, is one the gems of Puerto Rico. Located around middle North Coast of the island, It is cataloged as part of the program of Puerto Rico National Park. Most of the there is crystal clear water visibility, protected coral reefs on the outside of the swimming area. This beach is ideal for gatherings with families and kids friendly. The sand is groomed, well maintained and continuos tempation for fun, lay down and relax.

Balneario Cerro Gordo

Mostly this gorgeus beach do not have big waves. It is a great place to explore with amazing eyesight locations. Also this beach have some great places to shadow from the heat of the sun. This beach counts with picnic tables and a private salon for activities are available for lease.

Balneario Cerro Gordo

If you feel adventurous, it have some trails crossing the camping area as part of the Natonal Park with great eyesight locations wih northern cost shore of Puerto Rico. This area are not for swimming but offers an spectacular vie of nature as it best.

Balneario Cerro Gordo

The Baneario (Public Beach with amenitites) count with spectacular beach, roped area for swiming area, camping area, lifeguards, kiosks, side beach showers, bathrooms, dressers and parking area.


Balneario Cerro Gordo

Multicolored Shades_edited_edited_edited.png

Galleria of the Balneario Cerro Gordo

Enjoy this wonderful images from the Balneario Cerro Gordo, we are sure that this is going to be on your checklist in places to visit.




Information about the Balneario of Cerro Gordo


Here you can find all the information that you may need if you are planning a trip to the Balneario of Cerro Gordo. Find what the facilities have to offer, services, fees, contact information and more.

Tropical Paradise
Sandy Beach

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Sunday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

There are other private places that rent kayaks and may have different offers.

Low season from September to April

  • Wednesday to Sunday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Truck on Beach
Deserted Beach

Waliking entrance is FREE. Fees comes with parking a vehicle

  • Motorcycle                 $2.00

  • Car                                 $4.00

  • Bus                                $5.00

  • Camping                     $13.00 per night

Entrance to the camping area is charge per night

Beach Cabins
Beach Showers
Facilities & Things To Do
Facilities Cerro Gordo.png
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