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Mostly this gorgeus beach do not have big waves. It is a great place to explore with amazing eyesight locations. Also this beach have some great places to shadow from the heat of the sun. This beach counts with picnic tables and a private salon for activities are available for lease.

Balneario Cerro Gordo

Vega Alta, Puerto Rico

On this beach you are going to find something for everyone. At south end, is a great place just to relax under a palm tree and see the local Surfers put a good show or if you know how to surf, may be join them. The famous beach boat dock is where most Scuba Divers prefer to go to, there is some coral reef created in time and it have a lot Caribbean fish with bright colors. Also is needed to add that you do not need to be a diver because this beach is a treasure for snorkeling with multiple spots to visit. Apart from the sea life this pier is used by everyone to jump into the water and have some fun.  

Crash Boat Beach

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Now probably when you arrive you would feel that you are walking into a paradise, with super white sand, an awesome panoramic view, completely clear water and an incredible landscape.

Flamenco Beach

Culebra, Puerto Rico

  In order to come to Cayo Aurora you would need to take a boat. There are some options to begin your trip with: take a  small Ferry on a close by restaurant, rent a kayak or rent a watercraft. This trip on boat would take a commute of 5 to 7 minutes. On Kayak the trip time would take close to 30 minutes. It doesn't count with a beach access but it have some facilities that would make your day more comfortable.

Gilligan Island

Guanica, Puerto Rico

This beach is classified as part of the Puerto rico National Parks and also is catalog as a Balneario. Balneario means that the waters of this facilities are constantly tested, provide security and public facilities.The Balneario Seven Seas is also part of the Blue flag program and have won this distinguish recognition multiple times. 

Seven Seas Beach

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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