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Vega Alta

Puerto Rico

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Welcome to Vega Alta

Playuela (Playa Sucia)

North of Puerto Rico, "El Pueblo de los Ñangotaos"

Vega Alta is a perfect place to spend a day at the beach. Visit the lovely beach Balneario de Cerro Gordo and in a few steps the trails to discover Vega Alta Natural Reserve


Salt Deposits of Cabo Rojo

The Vega Alta Forest is a treasure chest of sinkholes, caves, walkways, hiking trails and a spectacular range of fauna and flora. There are recreational facilities available within the forest. Many visitors love the Cerro Gordo Beach where they can enjoy a great day with the family or just getting a tang, also you can do snorkeling in the shore. The Iglesia Catolica Inmaculada Conception de Maria is an astounding 18th century Catholic Church that is as spectacular today as it was the day construction was completed in 1813.

Learn About Vega Alta History

Vega Alta was founded in 1775 by Francisco de los Olivos. Vega Alta is known as "El Pueblo de los Ñangotaos" (town of squaters). Vega Alta has an important agricultural sector that produces sugar cane, fruit, dairy products, meat, poultry, and pork. They also have a softer side to their agricultural industry since they supply many other towns and cities with a large variety flowers and beautiful ornamental plants.

Balneario de Boqueron



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There is always something to celebrate in Puerto Rico and each city have their own unique celebrations during the year. This is the list of celebrations for the city of Vega Alta

Carnival Game
  • Kite Festival - July 

  • Fiestas Patronales de La Inmaculada Concepcion de María - December

Festival Fun


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Vega Alta is very well known for their beaches, state forest, agriculture and history. Visit the most Iconic attractions in Vega Alta city of Puerto Rico

Balneario de Cerro Gordo
Vega Alta

Balneario de Cerro Gordo

One of the Greatest Balnearios in the North of Puerto Rico

Vega Alta State Forest
Vega Alta

Vega Alta State Forest

See nature at her best and her amazing eyesight places

Places and Deals to Stay in

Vega Alta

Puerto Rico have Wonderful places to Visit but also a Paradise to Stay in. Here by using this map you can access a not only the BEST Deals but also a great place to Stay in your Next Trip, Holiday or Vacation.  See you soon in Into the Caribbean!

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