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Exploring the ISLAND of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the last largest island facing to the east the Atlantic ocean and on the south is sharing the Caribbean sea. Named by the past Taino Indians Boriken and from many visitors the Enchantment Island. Puerto Rico is a beautiful diverse island with rich history, culture and lovely scenic places. Puerto Rico have a summer weather all year long. You may find unique places for having the greatest fun and joy.


Visit the capital San Juan for great history monuments and a lovely city that remind the colonial age, amazing views and tourist attractions. You like nature, what about El Yunque Rainforest, Camuy Caverns or La Parguera bioluminiscent bay. You may experience on this gorgeous island everything, like a great time in the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, boat trips, a relax time on a hotel or taste the amazing Caribbean food.


Puerto Rico have something for everything and we know that you are going to build one of the greatest joy memories ever. Also Puerto Rico have one of the top most beautiful beaches in the all world Playa Flamenco. Lets make your heartbeat dance with Salsa, let the rhythmic music get in you and move with the happy waves.


We want you to know every corner of FUN. Uncover new adventures and make a wonderful trip.We are going to guide you with this and everything Into the Caribbean.

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Puerto Rico is one of the most popular Caribbean Destinations

Caribbean Destination Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico may be the small of the largest islands Into the Caribbean but it just have everything that you need to make your trip a wonderful adventure.

There is so many places to visit, a very rich history and so many eyesight and romantic places that it is hard to find an excuse for not to come. 

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Be sure to visit different iconic places of the island and enjoy this manifest of natural wonders.


Puerto Rico have a city vibe in the metro area of San Juan, where most commercial business and activities are on, but let me tell you that the beauty of Puerto Rico is far beyond the capital city. Puerto Rico have a great diversity of climates and offers different natural ecosystems. Be sure to visit Las Cavernas, La Parguera or Playuela to name a few places. This Caribbean Island is an enchantment because not only is beautiful but OMG they cook awesome.


Be sure to continue your search with our coverage and Caribbean Guideline. With Into the Caribbean you would find plenty reasons to visit Puerto Rico. 

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Puerto Rico Actual Weather

Is not hard to guess, it is summer weather all year long. Perfect for any Caribbean Vacation

Puerto Rico Best Beaches

Explore the best Caribbean Beaches in the island of Puerto Rico.