Playa Sardinera Hatillo

Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Huge Natural Salt Water Pool

Playa Sardinera in Hatillo -
Punta Maracayo
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Playa Sardinera is located in the city of Hatillo Puerto Rico. This beautiful beach is distinguish by the natural barrier of rock formation, that take the waves break out of the Atlantic ocean and dilute the waves heat into calm and relaxing waters creating this a gigantic cove. It is this kind of places that take your breath away in the impression of how beautiful this place truly is. A natural salt water pool with fresh water coming in and out.  A great place to take pictures and enjoy yourself with its sand and clear turquoise waters.

In Playa Sardinera of Hatillo you are going to find fresh sea water coming in between the rock formation, steady and calm waters. A oval shape beach with waters not to deep. All this making this ideal for kids fun. They also have some gazebos and picnic tables for enjoyment. Is a beach so there is no lifeguards, bathrooms or showers. Just steps aside of the beach, you would find a restaurant and a private parking lot ($3) very close to the beach shore. It also have an area for FREE parking, but is on the loose sand and can be a treat for any non 4 x 4 vehicle.


Playa Sardinera of Hatillo is just steps away of one the main highways (PR-2), making this beach very easy to access. The location of commerce and Paradores (small hotels) make this beach very ease to visit at any time during the year. Probably the best time would be the summer, sometimes in the winter season the sea conditions on the north of Puerto Rico trends to be more rough. Just take a look at the weather because this is Puerto Rico, a tropical island and it may be very good at any time. 

There is a couples things to do like: swimming, snorkeling, get a sun tan, get outstanding pictures and discover another natural treasure of the island of Puerto Rico. If you are traveling the north part of Puerto Rico, this is a great place to build some memories.

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Playa Sardinera

Cll Sardinera, Hatillo 00659, Puerto Rico

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