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Manati, Puerto Rico

Mar Chiquita Beach or Playa Mar Chiquita is located in the lovely city of Manatí Puerto Rico. Just aside of the very famous Playa Los Tubos de Manatí. Mar Chiquita is a beach that have invite the eye to the spectacular and scenic natural view. It is a natural swimming pool. Bring your camera because once you are here your eyes would be amaze by the great view of this little sea oval cove, that is protected by the rock wall with a small opening in the middle. Every point of view from this place is amazing. The rock wall protect the oval cove beach from the big waves from the open Atlantic ocean. This wall would receive a huge impact from the waves and you are going to witness the big splash just raining over this. The water is definitely crystal clear and the blue is just as bright as the sky. There are going to be some waves getting inside of it, remember that there is a middle opening at the middle. Is just a marvelous natural show and you are going to enjoy it.

Mar Chiquita

Mar Chiquita name comes with a legend. A hundred of years ago, a woman who lived in this area, came out every day in the mornings to walk through the huge rocks surrounding the beach. One day, she slipped and fell into the ocean. When she was about to drown, there was an earthquake. The stone from which she had fallen, broke in two parts. The falling rock caused a big wave in the water that pushed the woman to the beach shore and saved her life. A few days later, she returned to the scene of her accident and saw that a small pool was formed because of the stone that had been divided into two halves. She give and called this place the name of Mar Chiquita.

Mar Chiquita

Mar Chiquita Beach does not count with public facilities. There are not showers, bathrooms or other facilities. But it have some Food trucks that came in the area. Mar Chiquita have Parking area but a remainder is just hard sand, there is no gate and is open to the public every day at any time. Bring your umbrella, it may have some tree and palm trees but most people get early to establish themselves in this places. They have some trash cans, I strongly recommend to bring some trash bags and keep it up after yourself. Let us do our part and keep it clean and pristine. This beach gets very crowded and is one the most concurrent places to visit in Puerto Rico.

Mar Chiquita

Mar Chiquita Beach may be amazing to the eye but be aware that the middle opening can bring some strong currents and it can be dangerous to swim near of it. Swimming here can be dangerous if you challenge the nature laws near of the opening. We do not recommend to do snorkeling because exploration leads to the middle opening. There are some spots that they fit better to get into the water. Some people climb the rocks to take pictures. This rocks are very SHARP, and SLIPPERY because the wave breakout. Avoid unnecessary accidents, the waves breaks very hard here. Be sure to bring some SHOES to protect your feet if you are trying to climb. Like I said have some respect for the risks that it may represent.


Mar Chiquita

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Enjoy this wonderful images from Combate Beach, we are sure that this is going to be on your checklist in places to visit.





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