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Añasco, Puerto Rico

The Balneario of Añasco is located in the west side of Puerto Rico and is part of the city of Añasco. Also known by a second name Balneario Tres Hermanos , Añasco. Very near of the famous Rincon. The Balneario of Añasco is offering very calm sea waves, clear waters and very wide access to the beach and public. This Balneario in Añasco counts with picnic tables, bathrooms, showers, some gazebos, roped swimming designated area, life guards and private parking. Is a place that doesn't get too crowded  even on high seasons. Basically you would plenty spots to land on this beach.

Balneario of Añasco

Just a little more to the side of the Balneario of Añasco facilities is located the National Park Tres Hermanos. This facilities are created in mind for camping areas and RV. At this time the Park Tres Hermanos is closed to public because the damages of the Hurricane Maria. 

Balneario of Añasco

Balneario of Añasco


Balneario of Añasco

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Galleria Balneario of Añasco

Enjoy this wonderful images from Balneario of Añasco, we are sure that this is going to be on your checklist in places to visit.




Information about Balneario of Añasco


Here you can find all the information that you may need if you are planning a trip to Balneario of Añasco. Find what the facilities have to offer, services, fees, contact information and more.

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