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Vieques, Puerto Rico

The Balneario Sun Bay is located on the municipal island of Vieques Puerto Rico. Sun Bay is one of the top five Best Beaches of Puerto Rico and with all the right reasons. Sun Bay is a real life postcard, with turquoise clear waters, trees, palm trees, white sand, low waves and two miles of shore extension. Sun Bay Beach is an scenic place with cays at the horizon helping you to make any perfect picture with a unique background.

 Sun Bay Beach

Sit back, relax and enjoy this paradise. Just take a spot under one tropical tree and look at inviting water movement. Swim into crystal clear waters or just have some fun like a kid on the sand. Be prepare to see horses just being completely free and riding along this natural habitat. 

 Sun Bay Beach

This National Park also has a Vacation Center. This facility includes some Villas and Cabins for Rent. they are located inside the Balneario, at the very end of it.  

 Sun Bay Beach

The  Sun Bay Beach count with great public facilities like parking, bathrooms, lifeguards, a camping area, gazebos, picnic tables, showers, and roped swimming designated area.  The Department of Sports and Recreations administrates Sun Bay Beach.


Sun Bay Beach

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Galleria of Sun Bay Beach

Enjoy this wonderful images from Sun Bay Beach, we are sure that this is going to be on your checklist in places to visit.




Information about Sun Bay Beach


Here you can find all the information that you may need if you are planning a trip to Sun Bay Beach. Find what the facilities have to offer, services, fees, contact information and more.

Tropical Paradise
Sandy Beach

Operating Hours

You may inquire on Fees related with the boat trip or rentals in order to take you to Mata La Gata island

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Beach Cabins
Beach Showers
Facilities & Things To Do
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