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Vega Baja

Puerto Rico

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Welcome to Vega Baja

Playuela (Playa Sucia)

North of Puerto Rico, La cuidad del Melao Melao

Vega Baja is a city that offer a variety of attractions that make it a great appeal for tourist, one of the favorite for locals for the unique Balneario Puerto Nuevo and a city that have a become a beacon for travelers destinations.


Salt Deposits of Cabo Rojo

Vega Baja also have a great fertile grounds to produce agriculture and help to produce plantations of pineapple and cattle feed. In the past decades was also used for the cultivation of sugar cane. Vega Baja also is now days better known for their pharmaceutical and medical industries. There is some other industries that are related in production electrical equipment and clothing. Vega Baja have become a beacon for locals at summer time, because it have one of the Boricuas favorites beaches in the North coast of Puerto Rico named Balneario Playa Puerto Nuevo and also named Balneario de Vega Baja. Also here in Vega Baja you can find the famous Laguna de Tortuguero.

Learn About Vega Baja History

Vega Baja was founded in October 3, 1776 by Antonio Viera, with the name of Vega-baxa del Naranjal de Nuestra Señora del Rosario Vega Baja is known as "La Ciudad del Melao Melao" (syrup city). The name Vega Baja in Spanish means lower side of the river plain. Geographically, the North of Puerto Rico goes down and is slightly higher than the level of the Atlantic Ocean and Vega Baja is a coastal town. Other historians believed that the name Vega Baja comes from La Vega. Vega is a surname of one of the families involved in the foundation of Vega Baja. It is also believed that the name comes from the region of Spain La Vega Baja del Segura.

Balneario de Boqueron



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There is always something to celebrate in Puerto Rico and each city have their own unique celebrations during the year. This is the list of celebrations for the city of Vega Baja

Carnival Game
  • Melao Melao Marathon - October

  • Matron Celebrations - October

  • Christmas Festival - December

  • "Blue Marlin" Fishing Tournament

Festival Fun


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Vega Baja holds a very good count of attractions and have become one of the places to visit in Puerto Rico. h¿Here is a list of the best places to visit in Vega Baja in your next adventure to Puerto Rico or Caribbean Trip.

Balneario Playa de Puerto Nuevo
Vega Baja

Balneario Playa de Puerto Nuevo

This lovely beach is ideal for families and little ones!

Casa Alonso Museum
Vega Baja

Casa Alonso Museum

This ia blast from the past of Puerto Rico old century houses and way of life

Laguna Tortuguero
Vega Baja

Laguna Tortuguero

This is Vega Baja very popular and a natural preservation protected lagoon.

Lugares y ofertas para alojarse

Vega Baja

Puerto Rico tiene lugares maravillosos para visitar, pero también un  Paraíso para quedarse  Aquí, usando este mapa, puede acceder no solo a las MEJORES ofertas, sino también a un excelente lugar para quedarse en  su próximo viaje , día festivo o vacaciones .  ¡Nos vemos pronto en Into the Caribbean!

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