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Puerto Rico

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Welcome to Rincón

Playuela (Playa Sucia)

West of Puerto Rico, Town of Beautiful Sunsets

Rincón is the favorite west cities that holds the most iconic and memorable sunsets. Rincón also is best known for being a Surf capital with numerous event hold during year


Salt Deposits of Cabo Rojo

Famed surfing beaches in town include Little Malibu, Tres Palmas, Maria's, Indicators, Domes, Pools, Sandy Beach and Antonio's. The best time to surf is from November through March, but summer storms can also kick up the surf during the late summer. Endangered humpback whales visit in the winter. The Punta Higuero Lighthouse was built by the Spaniards in the early 1890s, rebuilt after an earthquake in 1921. This lighthouse still in use and it uses an unmanned 26,000-candlepower rotating beacon. There are a few small hotels and surfing shops in this charming town and mangos grow everywhere. There is also an observation park for whale watching.

Learn About Rincón History

Rincón was founded in 1771 by Luis de Añasco. Rincón is known as Pueblo del Surfing (the surfing town) and El Pueblo de los Bellos Atardeceres (the town of beautiful sunsets). The town of Rincón is located in the Western Coastal Valley, west of Añasco and Aguada. To the north, nestles between La Cadena Mountains and a series of beaches facing the Atlantic to the north and the Caribbean to the south. The half-dozen reef-lined Atlantic beaches have become a winter mecca for skilled surfers since the World Surfing Championship was held here nearly twenty years ago. Rincón is well known as a surfing destination. Rincón rose to international recognition through the 1968 World Surfing Championship, which was held at Domes and Maria's Beaches. The winter surf along Rincón's coast is some of the best in the region. Generally regarded as one of the best surf spots across the globe, Rincón draws surfers from around the world and is the center of the island's surf scene. Dubbed the "Caribbean's Hawaii," winter waves here can approach 25–30 feet (6.7m) in height, sometimes equaling the force of the surf on Oahu's north shore.

Balneario de Boqueron



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There is always something to celebrate in Puerto Rico and each city have their own unique celebrations during the year. This is the list of celebrations for the city of Rincón

Carnival Game

  • Punta Higuero Lighthouse
    Whale Festival - March events Festivals 

  •  Rincón International Film Festival 2011: April 12–16

  • Coconut Festival - May

  • Feast of the Patron Saint, Santa Rosa de Lima - August

  • Triatlon and Triatlon Caribbean Cup

  • Numerous Surfing Championships Local Band (Reggae and Latin Rock)

Festival Fun


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Rincón have some great Attractions in the West of Puerto Rico and travelers . Take a look at some of the great iconic places of Rincón.

Balneario de Rincón

Balneario de Rincón

Beautiful Sunsets, Surfing and Caribbean Turquoise waters

Pico Atalaya

Pico Atalaya

Rincón highest mountain elevation that create Amazing Views

Playa Los Domes

Playa Los Domes

One of the Most Popular Surfing Beaches in Puerto Rico

Lugares y ofertas para alojarse


Puerto Rico tiene lugares maravillosos para visitar, pero también un  Paraíso para quedarse  Aquí, usando este mapa, puede acceder no solo a las MEJORES ofertas, sino también a un excelente lugar para quedarse en  su próximo viaje , día festivo o vacaciones .  ¡Nos vemos pronto en Into the Caribbean!

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