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Cabo Rojo

Puerto Rico

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Welcome to Cabo Rojo

Playuela (Playa Sucia)

West of Puerto Rico, Cofresi Town

Cabo Rojo is one the locals favorites cities in Puerto Rico mostly at summer season. Cabo Rojo become iconic by their rich history, beautiful beaches and peaceful atmosphere. 


Salt Deposits of Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo history have been greatly impacted by the colonization times in Spain rulings. Spain already discover larger territories in America and decided to cut resources for Puerto Rico. This provoque great economy struggles and then piracy was born. ​ The Pirate Cofresí was a Puerto Rican of great admiration, not for his criminal actions but for robbing Spaniard vessels and distribute some money between the towns poor communities (Robin Hood style). People use to help him by hiding him or point opposite directions to Spain authorities. Cofresí used to go and hide his vessel on the now known Cabo Rojo Natural Reserve and hide himself with his crew inside of cave that on now days is called Cofresí Cave. ​

Learn about Cabo Rojo History

Cabo Rojo was founded in December 17, 1771 by Nicolás Ramírez Arellano and Miguel de Muesas, obtained its name by the considerable amount of minerals in its coasts that made the waters look reddish. Cabo means headland and rojo, means the color red. Cabo Rojo is known as "El Pueblo de Cofresí" (Cofresí's town). Located in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo is surrounded by miles and miles of beaches. It also stands at the mouth of the Boquerón bay, one of Puerto Rico's deepest and best protected harbors, extending some 3 1/2 miles inland, sheltering over a mile of white sand bordered by clear water is wonderful for swimming and lounging, it is the town's most popular beach destination with a good reason.

Balneario de Boqueron



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There is always something to celebrate in Puerto Rico and each city have their own unique celebrations during the year. This is the list of celebrations for the city of Cabo Rojo

Carnival Game
  • Cruce Bahia Boquerón - July 

  • Festival de la Paleta - December 

  • Festival del Chigüero - April 

  • Festival del Melon - July 

  • Festival del Ostion - May 

  • Festival del Pescao - March 

  • Festival Le Lo Lai - December 

  • Fiestas Patronales de San Miguel Arcangel - September , Every year, Cabo Rojo celebrates a patron saint festival. The festivities include dances, food, parades and religious processions. 

  • Jornada a Betances - April, Commemorates the birth of Dr. Ramon Emeterio Betances. 19th century abolitionist and independence leader. 

  • Retorno a la Arena - July 

  • Tejido de Sombreros – May

Festival Fun


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Cabo Rojo have some of Puerto Rico best beaches and travelers attractions. Take a look at some of the great iconic places of Cabo Rojo.

Beach Balneario de Boquerón
Cabo Rojo

Beach Balneario de Boquerón

This is the favorite Balneario in the West of Puerto Rico.

Beach Playa Buye
Cabo Rojo

Beach Playa Buye

Discover one of Puerto Rico hidden gems, a Beautiful Beach with inviting crystal clear water and peaceful waves!

Beach Playa Combate
Cabo Rojo

Beach Playa Combate

Crystal Clear Water, long shore and white sand. Discover an iconic favorite Beach of the West

Lugares y ofertas para alojarse

Cabo Rojo

Puerto Rico tiene lugares maravillosos para visitar, pero también un  Paraíso para quedarse  Aquí, usando este mapa, puede acceder no solo a las MEJORES ofertas, sino también a un excelente lugar para quedarse en  su próximo viaje , día festivo o vacaciones .  ¡Nos vemos pronto en Into the Caribbean!

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