Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Crash Boat Beach

The  favorite beach in Aguadilla is named Crash Boat

Fun at the Beach

Crash Boat is located at the west side of Puerto Rico in the city of Aguadilla. Crash Boat Beach name is related with 2 different factors: the first one, a crash boat that still have some remains in the shore, the second reason would be that this beach use to be part of a United States military installation and use to accommodate damage ships on the cement docks available during World War II. 

On this beach you are going to find something for everyone. At south end, is a great place just to relax under a palm tree and see the local Surfers put a good show or if you know how to surf, may be join them. The famous beach boat dock is where most Scuba Divers prefer to go to, there is some coral reef created in time and it have a lot Caribbean fish with bright colors. Also is needed to add that you do not need to be a diver because this beach is a treasure for snorkeling with multiple spots to visit. Apart from the sea life this pier is used by everyone to jump into the water and have some fun.   The center of Crash boat Location is where most people gather, is the place more calm with less ocean waves and safely for the kids. It counts with a roped area designated for swimming. It doesn't  have lifeguards. The beach overall is very well maintained.  Golden sand, picnic tables and great sunsets. Here is where the Kiosk are located and have some trees for shade.

On the north side of Crash Boat beach is have more waves and in winter time sometimes it may be use for surfing. In this area you are going to find some small fishing boats on the shore from some locals fisherman, this boats are colorful. Crash boat beach is very much a treasure for getting awesome vacation photos and have a great time with family and friends.

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Crash Boat Beach

PR-458, Aguadilla Pueblo, Aguadilla 00603, Puerto Rico

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Crash Boat Beach Information


Remember is Public Beach with wide access

It is OPEN 24 Hours

7 Days of the Week

Choose Fun Carnival cruise

Parking Admission is FREE but it get crowded.

There is also a Private Parking  lot charging some  fee Admissions

Crash Boat Beach



Very Beautiful!




Date Posted:

Sep 27, 2019

Is a wonderful Beach and very versatile for water activities. I recommend to come after summer season because it can get very crowded.

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