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Life is a wonderful gift, but is up to us to make Life a Wonderful Adventure.  Lets make your story epic. Lets live each moment with passion, with some drive and discover a paradise with your own eyes. Lets build that moments that triggers your greatest joyful emotions. Lets make Life a treasure made of great moments, amazing memories and delightful experiences. 

In Into the Caribbean we are here to help sail on that direction and now...

It is Time!

Flamenco Beach

Puerto Rico

The Island of the Enchantment. 

Puerto Rico Island

 Explore each city of Puerto Rico with our custom interactive map. Discover (Beach, Attractions, Adventures, Restaurants, Hotels, Rentals & more) Please feel free to uncover this beautiful and lovely places.

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This is how we can help you with your vacation

Into the Caribbean is a destination guideline for any traveler and is built by not just fans of the Caribbean but with the lovely people that are from the Caribbean. We just love this paradise and we want to share with you all the greatness that involve in the amazing bright living colors.


  • We have certified travel agents that not just sell you a ticket but look over for all the amenities that you would like and provide you different options that fits your style or budget.


  • We provide all the information that you would need to know about the cruise: rooms, ports, what is included, excursions, what to do in the cruise, and more.

  • We cover different cruise lines, we know each cruise ship and we are certified by each cruise line. 

  • We continuously update you with any news, information or deals. 

  • We provide you for FREE our greatest tool ever, our website. Here you can access  information, islands, destinations, restaurants, where to stay, places to go, what to do and more!

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We work with these Cruise lines:

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