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The  lovely Buye Beach in Cabo Rojo

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Buye Beach is located in the city of Cabo Rojo, at north of Boquerón. Buye beach is just another spectacular beach with crystal clear waters, white sand and some great sea life. It is a great place to do some snorkeling. On this place, the water always looks so blue, ideal to take some pictures.


The beach count with a roped area for swimming purposes. The ocean on this area is very calm, pleasant, make in it ideal for kids and families. Cabo Rojo have great places to share the sunset, but this beach make it so special. Buye is a postcard place, a little bit  trick to get there, is basically a small road  and because there are plenty structures you would not see the beach views. Is like a hidden place. Once you park and see it, you are going to get in love with it. Is one of my personal favorite beaches in Puerto Rico. This beautiful beach have this natural touch with  unique views between trees, shades and fun. Is a place with a romantic vibe, ideal to be with your love one.


Is amazing how clear the ocean water is, how steady and calm the waves stay. Is a place with plenty serenity, relaxing views and warming sun. There are different spots to explore across the shore and plenty places to have a great time. It is natural paradise! 

Now I need to mention that there is private parking lot, that is private property, is fenced and have a security guard. This private property have some Cabañas for rental and in front of the beach, giving  facilities access, like bathrooms, gazebos, kiosk to eat, showers, market place and rentals. Because of this convenience the beach, most people gather near this area. In order to use some of this facilities are going to be so fees. It is very cheap.

In overall Buye beach is one of the west favorite for most locals. If you travel to see natural wonders this is a great place with pretty crystal clear water, great tree shades and a romantic walk in the amazing sunsets.

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Buye Beach

Camino Buye, Cabo Rojo, 00623, Puerto Rico

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Remember is Public Beach with wide access

It is OPEN 24 Hours

7 Days of the Week

Choose Fun Carnival cruise

Parking Admission is FREE on the side road but it get crowded.

There is also a Private Parking  lot charging some  fee Admissions ($3 per vehicle)

Beach Playa Buye




Esta es mi playa favorita



Jul 24, 2019

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Arena blanca, oleaje suave y gentil, agua cristalina, y un contorno azul claro reflejado en el agua. Ver y esta en Buye es un privilegio y mas que nada una gran bendición.

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