Balneario Los Tubos

Manatí, Puerto Rico

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Balneario  Los Tubos de Manatí 
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Balneario Los Tubos de Manatí and Playa Los tubos de Manatí are both adjacent to each other and located in the North coast of the city Manatí, Puerto Rico. The views on this area are amazing, definitely a postcard photo. The water is definitely a light florescent blue with dark tones on deeper areas. This beach is just aside of the road with easy access, great views and a lot of waves. It is very wide and extent for both sides. The sand is light gold color and very soft on the feet. There is a big break out of waves and that is related with the name of the beach (Los Tubos) that means pipe, referring to the tube that is formed on surfing waves. Surfing is the best use for this beach, is a great spot to catch a wave ride but like always be careful and have some respect for sea conditions. Playa Los tubos is also consider a very good place to do some scuba diving and uncover the beauties under water. 


The north coast is known for having more rough seas condition. It looks wonderful there is going to be strong currents on this area, we definitely do not recommend this beach for swimming. It looks very tempting but at the same time a dangerous threat for a non experience swimmer can be dangerousThis doesn't means that you can not come, it gets crowded on weekends, believe it when you see it, is just beautiful. Is a must for a Fun trip, just to stop by and discover another Puerto Ricos gem.

The best use of this facilities relies on other purposes, a romantic walk on the beach, get relax on the sand and just enjoy the beautiful view. Also the facilities have a parking lot, bathrooms, gazebos, a boat ramp with great access to the ocean and a playground area. You are going to find some structures built for kids, like sharks and other creatures.  If the rocks are uncover of the sand, at the western part of the beach then you would see the petroglyphs from the ancient Taino Indians that use to live in the island of Puerto Rico before the colonization era.  

It is one of the great attractions of the Manatí city and one that celebrate the very famous annual Festival Playero Los tubos de Manatí in JulyThis festival endures for some consecutive days with invited musical artists, food, kiosks and more. It is very cultural and dancing alike. 

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Balneario Los tubos de Manatí

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Balneario Los Tubos de Manatí



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Aug 28, 2019

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