Balneario El Escambrón

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best Beach in San Juan! 

Balneario El Escambrón 
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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Balneario El Escambrón is located in the capital city,San Juan Puerto Rico. El Escambrón is part of the Blue Flag beach Program and a very famous beach located in the north part of the El Tercer Milenio Park. Is a very attractive tourist beach with plenty palm trees, golden sand and eyesight impressive views or attractions.

Is just a delight to see your surroundings from: cruise ships, surfers, El Morro, parks and more. 


The beach may have some rocks on the shore, but is still have many access to go in sand and water. The beach have a natural reef barrier to protect the balneario form big waves and the east side also have a barrier but this one was created with to establish swimming perimeter and help with rough sea conditions. Because of this, it does make it a very good spot to see some sea life and do some great snorkeling.

It is a beach very convenient to access and count with a large parking lot. This is a Balneario, meaning that it counts with public facilities, amenities and constantly performs test water quality. This facilities includes: bathrooms, sidewalks, picnic tables, showers and lifeguards. The Balneario El Escambrón provide access for handicaps persons in wheel chair. For drinks and snacks, there are some small vendors that approach the balneario to offer their goodies, especially on high season.  We always recommend that you bring your own drinks and snacks just in case. The beach gets very crowded on peak seasons (especially on weekends). Remember this is Puerta de Tierra in the capital of San Juan, meaning that there is plenty tourist and visitors to discover the island. Be sure to come early and have a great day on it.

Some of the things that you can do in this beach are: swimming, snorkeling, surfing (outside the reef barrier),  scuba diving, play some sand volleyball or just relax.  There are great waves to ride outside of reef and there is always people surfing in this area. In the west side of  El Escambrón you would find two more places to go and take a swim but they do not have lifeguards or the other pubic services. There is a place to rent so me scuba gear and do some tours. Close to the balneario they have a  place to rent snorkeling gear and a surf shop.


It is a great show to see all this cruise ships traveling in front of you, walk into the park, see some monuments, and at the same time discover some Puerto Rico beauty. All this make El Escambrón surroundings  a  very unique place for any perfect trip, vacation, visit or just enjoyment.

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Balneario El Escambrón

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