Parque Nacional Balneario Manuel Morales

Dorado, Puerto Rico

A Great Family oriented Beach 

Image by Debby Hudson

This Balneario is named Parque Nacional Balneario Manuel Morales but is also known as Balneario de Dorado and also Balneario Nolo Morales. Yes, it is a little confusing to have so many names for the same location, but this is the accurate information about this famous beach located in the north city of Dorado Puerto Rico. This Balneario is very popular in the island and is also one of the most visited in Puerto Rico. Dorado city is very touristic orientated with great and pristine facilities, with a lot different places to visit, very colorful and attractive locations. 

The Balneario of Dorado have a very friendly calm sea conditions, ideal for families, kids and very easy access for fun and enjoyment. The waters are very clear and have a wide range coast shore, divided in a u-shape with a lot of trees to provide great shadow. The sand have its tone, it is not golden but the color is relative to its natural beauty. The beach have been protected with some rocks barrier to fight erosion and severe sea conditions. This barriers also bring some home for small fishes, making it an interesting area for snorkeling.  Some people use it for fishing entertainment. Also we have been told about some diving in this area. 


The Balneario Nolo Morales is excellent for swimming, with a roped designated area. The facilities includes: private parking (limited capacity), picnic tables, lifeguard, bathrooms, showers and a restaurant inside of this facilities. Outside, crossing the street are some  restaurants and snacks options. Close to the Balneario there are some boat ramps, making this ideal for watercraft vehicles. 

The Balneario of Dorado is very popular and get very crowded, our recommendations is to come on early close to the opening hours, in order to grab a very good spot and also a parking in the facilities. It is beautiful and definitely a great place to visit in the coast north of Puerto Rico.

Beach Facilities